For the past 10 years BanFi Group has specialised in providing information to support strategic business decisions. We combine the comfort of the most modern IT systems available, online non-stop, with the reliability of a traditional accounting and payroll service provider.

The group includes four major brands which were created at the request of our clients. Personal consults and business consulting services are supported by our own system called “4Decision”, which provides access to all your documents and information regarding your company in one place, 24/7.

BanFi Accounting Office was founded in 2005. It’s an accounting firm which speaks the language of business and provides a comprehensive service to small and medium-sized enterprises. While serving our clients in accordance with Polish and International Accounting Standards, we advise on how to minimise tax liabilities and provide reports on your current liabilities and receivables. We also prepare all the necessary tax settlements and advise on compliance of your commercial and financial activities with regards to current regulations. Banfi Accounting Office communicates with tax authorities and other such institutions on your behalf, so that you have more time to develop your business.

In response to growing client requirements, in 2007 we initiated another branch of our business, BanFi HR&Payroll, a company which specialises in all human resource related administrative matters. Since then, we relieve our clients of all employee-related administrative duties by providing a comprehensive service including employment contract preparation, administration, payroll calculations and handling resignations and terminations.

Trust BanFi HR&Payroll and focus your attention on your passion and what you enjoy most about your business.

In January 2008 BanFi Group was further extended by BanFi Business Consulting, founded to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with individually tailored consulting services. We advise on the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of conducting business and bring you many efficient solutions which will help you grow your business locally and allow you to consider international expansion.

Our online system was created to support the day-to-day process of making strategic decisions within your business. 4Decision provides access to current and past documents and information about your company 24/7. It allows you to monitor the financial solvency and profitability of the company or in a chosen project. The system also facilitates internal communication and exchange of information with your accountant or HR officer. It gives you the tools to issue invoices, create price lists and control your liabilities and receivables.

The first version of our system was created in 2008 as an element of BanFi’s innovative accounting service. The current version of the system has been in operation since 2013, and in 2016 we are expecting the launch of the most innovative version of 4Decision to date.

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NIS Global is an international association of accounting firms with members from all over the world and over 15 years in practice. Only one company from each country is allowed to join and BanFi Group has been proudly representing Poland since 2010. The purpose of the group is to standardise services and quality of client support, both locally and globally. It is made possible by maintaining positive relations between members from different parts of the world. Thanks to the association, entrepreneurs from Poland, Sweden, Germany or India can reach outside of their domestic markets and develop their businesses abroad e.g. in Australia, Spain or Belgium. In each of these countries there is a member of NIS who can provide any kind of support which a company with global aspirations may require.